Agile is Dead, Long Live Agility

BLOG-post-agile-vs-agilityAgile or Agility?
I saw a nice rant about why the word Agile is often used wrong and we should use agility instead.
By Dave Thomas at a GoToConference in Amsterdam

In his own words: It’s easy to tack the word “agile” onto just about anything. Agility is harder to misappropriate.
And that’s important—you can buy and sell labels. Attend a short course, and suddenly you can add a label to your job title. But you can’t buy experience—you can only earn it.

Let’s abandon the word agile to the people who don’t do things.

Instead, let’s use a word that describes what we do.

Let’s develop with agility

  • You aren’t an agile programmer—you’re a programmer who programs with agility.
  • You don’t work on an agile team—your team exhibits agility.
  • You don’t use agile tools—you use tools that enhance your agility.

And let’s protect our investment

Ultimately, what we do trumps what we call it. But good words help us communicate effectively.

We’ve lost the word agile.
Let’s try to hang on to agility.
Let’s keep it meaningful, and let’s protect it from those who would take the soul of our ideas in order to sell it back to us.

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