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In short:

Internet, Agile, Coaching, Teambuilding, Communication, Cycling, Music, Frontend web development, Photography, MaKey MaKey,  Touchboards and other makertoys

Currently working for “de Persgroep” in Amsterdam as an Agile Coach. Helping the team to work smarter and easier together. Also talking and teaching about Agile methods and the mindset that is required.

Currently learning about leading in Agile environments by learning change management skills. Inspired by the book of Shirine Moerkerken

I started working as a physics teacher for 7 years, went freelancing for 7 years as a frontend developer / business analyst / technical consultant and after experiencing Agile in multiple environments, took the process-lead at BlueMango (Eindhoven) in 2014. I’ve been focussing on Agile and mainly Scrum since then. I’ve worked for large (Bol, Alliander, Thieme, Kennisnet) and small (Digischool, Sportcompressiekousen, Feestkleding365, Studiekring) companies in various roles and always on “the front end of things”.
I think the combination of my education as a teacher, experience as a developer and knowledge about Agile adds the value to the company I work for.

I also have a small webshop with makertoys like the MaKey MaKey, Touchboard and conductive paint. You can find it here: https://tofspeelgoed.com

At the moment, I like this quote a lot:

Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible.

If you have questions, remarks or compliments, please contact me!

Events I'm attending

Ik ga spreken op het cultuurCongres 2019 over Agile
Friday 18 October, 2019 Utrecht | KaperGeerlings

Wat zou er gebeuren als je je op alle lagen van de organisatie verbind aan hetzelfde doel?
Als alle mensen die nodig zijn om dat doel te volbrengen dagdagelijks en intensief samen aan de beste oplossing werken?
“Agile” is een methode, maar liever: een houding, om samen en wendbaar een doel te bereiken.
Het is samengevat in een kort manifesto met daarachter 12 principes. Verbinding is de centrale spil.
In deze workshop zal ik met u verkennen wat Agile is, waarom verbinding de sleutel is en welke gevolgen dat kan hebben voor zowel de teams als het management.

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About me

I'm currently working as an 100% Scrum Master at de Persgroep, Amsterdam, to help the teams setting (and getting) their goals.

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