Waarom ik verleid word om voor complexe vraagstukken eenvoudige oplossingen te bieden (en waarom dat tóch geen goed idee is)

Ik krijg als Scrum master van een it-team met de opdracht “help dit team beter te worden” vaak een vraag in de trand van ” Wouter, wat moeten we nu doen? Het loopt nog niet lekker.” Op zichzelf een prima vraag, maar hij wordt me vaak gesteld alsof daar een pasklaar theoretisch antwoord op zou zijn. […]

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Wondering About Courage

It’s great news that the Scrum Guide contains a new (ok, not that new anymore) focus on five values: Commitment. Focus. Openness. Respect & last but certainly not last: Courage.These values give direction to our work, our behavior and our actions. In a Scrum context the decisions we take, the steps we take, the way we play […]

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A True Team!

Just 2 weeks ago, one team I work with, was finally ready to go out and have dinner and drinks. It was after a few weeks of struggles about processes, (a lack of )leadership and (unclear) demanding clients ánd a first successful release. During the night, their name changed from “team 1” into : MaxPinguins. […]

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Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days

“Sprint offers a transformative formula for testing ideas that works whether you’re at a startup or a large organization. Within five days, you’ll move from idea to prototype to decision, saving you and your team countless hours and countless dollars. A must read for entrepreneurs of all stripes.” —Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup […]

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What is Agile?

In this article Simon Powers asks : “What is Agile?” It’s a question that’s been asked (too) many times, but again, it’s in Agile’s nature to keep changing so the question will probably stay around for a while 🙂 The article is about this diagram: The bottom line is: Many organizations think that they’re agile […]

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