A List of Pitfalls

marketing-management-process-pitfallBarry Overeem wrote a list of common pitfalls in Scrum, you might recognize (a few)  in them.
Today, the one resonating with me is this one:

Demonstrating the results to the Product Owner, instead to the stakeholders

We can definitely improve on that one!

The 5 Most Common Pitfalls of the Scrum Events

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Aan de slag als Chief Happiness Officer
Wednesday 06 November, 2019 Amsterdam | Sofie Sun || ABN Amro

Mensen in de werkcontext als mensen behandelen. Het lijkt logisch, maar we doen het zo vaak niet.
Ik ben benieuwd wat Sofie te vertellen heeft over haar werk bij ABN als "CHO" :)

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I'm currently working as an 100% Scrum Master at de Persgroep, Amsterdam, to help the teams setting (and getting) their goals.

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