I Want to Be a Laurence

In this article, Simon Kneafsey describes his experience with a scrum master who was educated as an actor.
Laurence worked only 2 years as a tester in a scrum team when he volunteered to become a scrum master.
The only thing he could do, was learn to ask questions to make the team come up with solutions. Just because he simply didn’t know the answers. As opposed to many CSM’s who have a very technical background and quite often start acting as managers.

In this case, Laurence just learned  how to act as a scrum master, which was just another role to him.
Laurence served as the conscience of the team. kept them focussed on finding the best solutions and challenged them to keep doing this.

I’d like to be like that.

The 2 Best Scrum Masters I Ever Worked With – The Master Of Coaching And Facilitation

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Tuesday 28 May, 2019 Amsterdam | The Liberators

Becoming a better facilitator is a goal for 2019.
I truly belief in the group-activating activities from LS.
Looking forward to work in this 2 days!

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