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Company of One

by Paul Jarvis

Nice book around the idea of growing as a business by getter smaller, instead of bigger.
Interesting examples of successful companies of one. It’s a great appeal to start small, work towards Minimal Viable PRofit fast, define your desired lifestyle and create work around it, not being afraid to start new things and above all : stay honest and connected to your clients.

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- Company of One
- Paul Jarvis
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- ISBN: 9789241380222

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Veranderkunde - Unloop model
Friday 07 October, 2022  | Unloop

Een dag samen-werken met mensen uit het Unloop netwerk, olv Steven van den Heuvel.
Zijn drive om te gaan voor echte verandering, liefst in maatschappelijk relevante context, maakt dat ik me verheug op deze dag!

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I'm currently working as a Scrum Master & team coach at the NPO, the Dutch broadcasting company, to help the teams setting (and getting) their goals.

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