A List of Pitfalls

Barry Overeem wrote a list of common pitfalls in Scrum, you might recognize (a few)  in them. Today, the one resonating with me is this one: Demonstrating the results to the Product Owner, instead to the stakeholders We can definitely improve on that one! The 5 Most Common Pitfalls of the Scrum Events

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How Not to Do a Standup :)

A video from Atlassian the old days (2013): about how not to do a standup. Just a nice teaser to the team to remind them to do preparation.

What it Means to be an Open Leader

I stumbled across this article on LinkedIn : “What is means to be an open leader”. It states : Being an open leader means creating the context others need to do their best work. It’s a definition that’s close to agile and it resonates with me. The initiator, the CEO of Red Hat, states that ‘context […]

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The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

It’s striking to read a book that is so focussed on the product of de management: create a TEAM. Although it’s an old book (2002), it’s being considered a standard work for people who’re trying to onderstand the way their team works. I got it from a friend, after explaining an exercise I did with […]

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What Exactly is an Agile Attitude of a Team?

If “Agile” means moving with quick, easy grace. “Being Agile” as an IT team might mean: Being able to easily and frequently release useful and quality software. If that definition is true, so is the following: Organizing yourselves in a team so you can easily handle changes Being ready for and responding to changes Maximizing […]

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Pros and cons of SAFe, a method for adopting Agile at enterprise scale
Tuesday 31 May, 2016 Amsterdam | GO

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I'm currently working as a CSM at Zoover / Weeronline to help the teams setting and getting their goals.

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