Why is Why the Most Powerful Word in the Workspace?

Dan Sloan aks to challenge everyone in our workspace with the (sometimes annoying) WHY-Question. Why is this question important? “Why” do we exist? “Why” are we working on these particular Features? What makes it essential for our Customers? “Why” do we use Scrum to optimize business outcomes? How can we make it better and more focused? “Why” […]

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A List of Pitfalls

Barry Overeem wrote a list of common pitfalls in Scrum, you might recognize (a few)  in them. Today, the one resonating with me is this one: Demonstrating the results to the Product Owner, instead to the stakeholders We can definitely improve on that one! The 5 Most Common Pitfalls of the Scrum Events

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How Not to Do a Standup :)

A video from Atlassian the old days (2013): about how not to do a standup. Just a nice teaser to the team to remind them to do preparation.

What it Means to be an Open Leader

I stumbled across this article on LinkedIn : “What is means to be an open leader”. It states : Being an open leader means creating the context others need to do their best work. It’s a definition that’s close to agile and it resonates with me. The initiator, the CEO of Red Hat, states that ‘context […]

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I'm currently working as a Product Owner at Greenhouse Group Eindhoven to help a team setting (and getting) their goals.

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