Does a scrum team needs a retrospective every sprint?

“Yes, always! “ is my initial response. I’d even say: if you discard all of the ceremonials of Scrum and have to choose 1 to re-introduce, it should be the retrospective. Without a doubt. But I have a confession to make. Mike Cohn wrote an article that caught my attention, since I’m currently working with 2 teams […]

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Meetup about LeSS with Bas Vodde

Last week, NLScrum, Agile Consortium and ING presented a Meetup in Amsterdam with Bas Vodde about LeSS : Scrum in multiple scrum teams. Or, as Bas mentioned on later:  In a productive environment they do “Multiple team Scrum” and not “Multiple Scrum teams”. These are basically my notes, it might not be a very consistent story. Because of […]

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Events I'm attending

Agile Market +
Thursday 11 February, 2016 Delft | Prowareness

Agility, more than just software development! An evening about leading agile teams. Interesting speakers!

Meetup: Building the right thing & Building the thing right
Tuesday 08 March, 2016 Rotterdam | Agile Holland Meetup

Hoe krijg je alle neuzen 1 kant op voor snelle releases. Interessant hoe dat doet met 170x in de maand releasen.

Meetup: LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® & Agile
Thursday 10 March, 2016 Utrecht | LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Holland

Spelen en werken is altijd al een goede combinatie geweest. Ook als het om inzicht in interpersoonlijke relaties zijn. Verheug me er op.

Jira & Backlog-tooling
Thursday 24 March, 2016 Delft | Prowareness

My former colleague Hanneke is teaching about Jira and how use it better to manage your Backlog

About me

I'm currently working as a CSM at Zoover / Weeronline to help the teams setting and getting their goals.

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